Career Opportunities

Land-based engineering the industry of opportunity for those seeking an exciting and dynamic career

With the uptake of precision farming and the increasing reliance upon new and exciting technology across all Land-based Engineering sectors, career opportunities are diverse and growing.

Huge potential exists for those both joining and already within the industry to develop and progress a rewarding career.

Highly skilled people are needed to design, develop, maintain and manage the technology relied upon across the land-based sectors. Technology encompassing GPS, telematics, drones, sensors, robotics and power.

With experience you could move into Agritech support, sales or specialist research, business and project management, teaching or consultancy work. Your prospects are limited only by your aspirations

You could also work towards incorporated or chartered engineer status by applying to the Engineering Council. As a chartered engineer you’ll plan, research and develop new ideas. The Institution of Agricultural Engineers has more information.

The progression and job opportunities are wide ranging with a choice of businesses and employer types offering opportunities both in the UK and the worldwide.

As an industry Land-based Engineering produces world class practitioners.

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