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Colleges offering Full time Land-based Engineering Courses

Check the Landex website this will provide you with information on where to find local or the national colleges offering full time Land-based Engineering courses within the UK

For many people leaving school at aged 16, a vocational course at college is one of the many options available. Do remember that a vocational course such as the Level 3 Extended Diploma is of a similar level to three A levels and as such, can lead to progression to university. We find that many students choose a vocational course as a way of progressing to university although for many it forms an excellent step to employment.

If you are looking for a vocational course in Land-based Engineering, you need to look for the following course levels and names:

Level 2 Diploma – Land-based Engineering/Agricultural Engineering

This is a course for people who enjoy practical work and, in particular, repairing machines. If you have an ambition to be a practical mechanic and would like to know about Land-based machinery, then this is the course for you. This course will appeal to you if you have a particular interest in the maintenance and repair of Land-based machinery. You will spend most of your time in the workshops, with classroom time kept to a minimum.

Level 3 Diplomas in Land-based Engineering/Agricultural Engineering

Depending on your previous qualifications, you could opt to study either an Extended Diploma, Diploma or Subsidiary Diploma. This exciting and very relevant technician level course is for people who are interested in engineering, have confidence in their own practical ability and wish to gain a qualification that will launch their career in service engineering at a technician level.

You may have the option of studying the diploma over a two or three year course. The three-year course includes a work placement in your middle year. This course develops practical, multi-skilled engineers who will be capable of influencing engineering in the future.

The final year of this course includes management and academic studies to prepare you for the world of work or for Higher Education.

Higher Education and University Courses in Land-based Engineering

There are a number of Universities and Higher Education establishments in the UK offering learning programmes for Land-based Engineering and technology, mechanisation for the agricultural and allied Land-based sector.

Many Universities offer learning programmes in engineering, agriculture and environmental subjects and a number in Land-based Engineering or Agriculture Engineering. These include:

Keep an eye out for programmes which link Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects. In addition, an increasing number of universities will be introducing new programmes and modules linked to mechanisation, agricultural engineering and Land-based technology subjects. Another key word you might consider is Agri-food or Agri-tech.


Land-based Engineering apprenticeships have been designed to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes for the twenty first century Land-based Service Engineer

You will learn the skills that employers are looking for-an apprenticeship gives you choice in your career. Following your apprenticeship, you will most probably continue working for your employer or progress to higher education at college or university. The national and overseas opportunities available are both varied and exciting.

For more information on Apprenticeships, click here

Did you know…

16-18 year olds are eligible for free education and that there are loan opportunities for older students?

Employer’s views of qualifications versus apprenticeships vary making it a matter of personal choice which route you take into industry

Having a qualification demonstrates that you know how to learn and a good education potentially makes a productive and adaptable employee

Question: What is a learning provider?

Answer: A learning provider can be a Further Education College, a Higher Education College, A University or an Independent organisation

Question: Are all Land-based Engineering learning providers the same

Answer No!

Choose carefully, choices will be different In England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland.

Attend training provider open days, study their reviews, have realistic expectations! The ideal course provides a foundation upon which careers are built it will not produce the finished article, only industry experience can do that

Look closely at the specific department you want to study with. Just because the Equestrian Department is outstanding doesn’t necessarily mean that the Land-based Engineering Department is the same.

And finally be prepared to live on campus or travel to an educational establishment which has a strong reputation. What you learn at this stage will shape your career

Want to Know More about qualifications and what all the levels mean? Follow this link.

Please note, that the college entry requirements are a guide. Contact your nearest training provider to find out more details about course content, the entry requirements and funding eligibility.