LTA Accreditation

The Land-based Engineering Training Accreditation Scheme (LTA) scheme

Want recognition for your industry knowledge and skills?

The LTA scheme is unique to the Land-based Engineering industry offering Technicians, Parts Advisors and After Market Professionals a career development pathway.

Developed in conjunction with manufacturers representing all sectors of the Land-based Engineering sector.

LTA accreditation encourages development and recognition of industry members aspiring to be the very best at what they do.

The objective of the LTA scheme is to

  • Encourage development and recognition of industry members aspiring to be the very best at what they do.
  • Provide a nationwide means of benchmarking industry Technicians, Parts Advisors and Aftermarket Professionals competence.
  • Provide a voluntary scheme for those committing to continual professional development.

LTA Tiers

LTA Intermediate

Those applying for LTA Intermediate recognition will have a minimum period of 3 years proven track record within the Land-based Engineering sector. Achievement of this tier being benchmarked against a level 3 diploma in Land-based Engineering or its equivalent. This is the foundation upon which the technician’s career is built.

LTA Advanced

Typically the LTA Advanced Technician will have a minimum of 5 years proven track record within the Land-based Engineering industry supported by a programme of continuous professional development, delivered and verified either by a manufacturer’s academy or training provider.

LTA Master

The Master Technician will have met the requirements of the Advanced Technician and progressed to demonstrate an exemplary level of technical ability. They will have undergone an intensive advanced diagnostic training course and passed the subsequent assessments

LTA scheme benefits for Technicians and Service Aftermarket Professionals

A structured career development pathway from industry entry to Aftermarket Professional

  • A professional identity and acknowledgement of experience, personal knowledge and skills
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Recognition and respect from, employers, colleagues and customers for the expertise held
  • Continual professional development opportunities (CPD) to stay abreast of developing technologies
  • Greater career prospects and earning potential
  • Transportable skills and national recognition
  • Reduced work related stress achieved through greater occupational competency
  • Greater self-esteem, confidence and professional assertiveness

LTA for Parts Personnel

The parts department within a Land-based Engineering dealership is an essential element of the businesses overall success.

The objective of the LTA Parts Career Path is to define the stages of career development for those working within the industry’s Parts Departments.

To benchmark specific job roles for

  • Parts Advisors
  • Parts Department Professionals e.g. Parts Managers and Group Parts managers

LTA scheme benefits for Parts Advisors and Parts Aftermarket professionals

  • Development of a structured career path within the parts department from unskilled parts person through to Parts Advisor, Parts Manager and Group Parts Manager
  • A curriculum standard allowing the structured planning of training requirements to develop new and existing staff
  • An incentive to develop expertise and encourage job satisfaction
  • An aid to recruiting, retaining and the development of parts persons
  • A scheme to offer similar career development opportunities currently offered to the Service Technician and Aftermarket Professionals e.g. Service Manager and Group Service Manager

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