The Industry

Land-based Engineering, what is it exactly?

Land-based Engineering is a diverse industry of innovation and opportunity offering interesting and challenging careers.

Those working in the Land-based Engineering sectors work with the most technically advanced products which may include; GPS and telemetry, drones, robotics, autonomous vehicles and alternative fuel sources. The technology employed in the Land-based Engineering sectors meets or exceeds applications found in the military, aviation and formula 1 industries.

It can involve working with big data and information technology; most of all it includes providing ‘hands on’ engineering and technological solutions, to support the machines and equipment that are transforming the world we live in…… improving our ecosystem, the food we eat, the green spaces and amenities we enjoy and inspiring new generations to a more sustainable tomorrow.

What is for certain is that if you like to constantly challenge yourself, to work in varied environments, enjoy science, engineering or computer studies – and want to make a difference – then a career in Land-based Engineering is the perfect choice for you.

Land-based Engineering combines cutting edge technology with mechanical design to meet modern day challenges within engineering.

Agricultural Sector

Involving the design, manufacturing and support of the machines and equipment used to maintain the countryside and produce the food vital to support the Countries population and economy.

Professional Turf and Outdoor Power Equipment Sector

A large sector that supports the leisure industry. The machinery and equipment being used to create and maintain, golf courses, football and rugby pitches, parks, estates and amenity areas located both within our inner cities and the depths of the countryside.

Domestic and Horticultural Sector

Supporting the equipment used by the home owner to maintain their lawns, hedges and gardens and the market gardens and glass-house growers who produce wide ranges of plants’ vegetable and fruits.

Arboriculture and Forestry Sector

Where technological machinery is used in the care and maintenance of trees and on a commercial scale in the harvesting, processing and extraction of timber from the countries forests.

Fixed Plant and Equipment Sector

A diverse sector which gives engineering support for crop storage facilities, crop drying plants, irrigation and power generation, milking equipment and refrigerated storage.

Plant and Hire Equipment Sector

This sector supplies and supports a diverse range of hire equipment to all sectors of the Land-based Industry. Anything from a chainsaw to a tractor, excavator or harvesting machine.

Land-based Engineering is the industry of opportunity for those looking for a rewarding career.

There has never been a better time to follow a career in land-based engineering. With the Government Chief Scientist and others challenging us to all deal with the problems of land management, green spaces and global food security, the door is open for the Land-based Engineering sector to come up with solutions. Land-based Engineers will, more than ever, be needed to meet these challenges.

BASF have prepared some short videos One Hungry Planet and Growing today for tomorrow. These videos show just how far farming has come over the years in terms of growing more food from a shrinking resource. They also show just how significantly more productive farmers will need to be in the future to meet the food and natural resource demands of rising populations. Land-based Engineers will, more than ever, be needed to meet these challenges.

Want to Learn More?

Take a look at a more detailed account of the careers in our industry. For further information download our brochure or take a look at some of the short video clips made by the technicians themselves explaining what the world of Land-based Engineering has to offer.

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